Okto Caravans

Luxury Caravans Manufacturer, South Africa

OKTO was founded by a group of dedicated caravan experts who have been involved in the industry for many years. Their passion for caravanning, combined with the opportunity to bring something new and different to the South African market, forged them together to create a new, exciting product for local caravanners.

OKTO Caravans is a manufacturer of lightweight caravans. The company uses the latest manufacturing machinery and European construction technology, tempered with some South African robustness, to build a caravan that will be unique in the South African market.

The team is committed to designing a practical caravan with a distinct style and elegance, to make caravanning an adventure for the whole family. In putting our caravans together, we will partner with other industry players, bringing together the best knowledge and experience with German -like efficiency to ensure a product of the highest quality.

By honouring our promise to deliver a great product, we are building a brand that caravanners in South Africa will love and trust.

We intend to PRACTICE our values in building trust with everyone we deal with:

P – Passionate: putting our heart and soul into our product

R – Respectful: of the journey that each person walks

A – Adventure: living the promise of the brand

C – Congruent: open, honest, ethical and genuine

T – Teamwork: working with the best to deliver the best

– Innovative: to listen, experiment, lead and persevere

C – Caring: of our people, our customers, our community

E – Excellence: constantly striving to do better

The OKTO caravans are built in a factory in Rosslyn, Tshwane, under the leadership of OKTO Managing Director Tinus van Wyk. Tinus holds an Honours degree in production management from the University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

He was previously the Production Director at Jurgens Ci for 10 years. Under his leadership, the factory introduced an ISO 9001 certified quality system and, in 2006, the company built a premises-record 2 549 units to supply demand.

Before joining the Jurgens Ci production team in March 2002, Tinus was employed for 15 years by Durabuild, a company that builds buses for the local market. There, he worked himself up through the field of industrial engineering and, later, production management into the position of General Manager.

The OKTO caravan is designed by Ingo Ferreira, who has a Bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the University of Johannesburg. After working for Du Toit Yacht Design for a year, he joined furniture manufacturer Don-Elly, where he was involved with furniture and production optimisation. In 2008, Ingo joined  Jurgens Ci and was involved with, or responsible for, many of the the company’s caravan designs over the course of his seven years with the organisation. He left Jurgens Ci to design and build his own caravan, The Rambler, a teardrop camper van. He continues to own the Rambler business, while also designing caravans for OKTO.

Okto Caravans Range of Models

Okto Villa

4-Berth Luxury Caravan

Okto Cabana

3-Berth Luxury Caravan

Okto Cabana Gravellor

3-Berth Gravel-Roader Caravan

Infinite Adventure.